Courses For Females (only)

خواتین کے لیے کورسز

Hamne khawateen ke liye bhi khas courses banaye hen. In courses me wo tamam mazameen shamil hen jinka sikhna har musalman aurat ke liye behad zaruri hai.

We also have Courses designed exclusively for Females. These courses consists of those subjects that are exclusively required to learn as a Muslim Women. We have a welcoming atmosphere for women to learn comfortably with female teachers.We have variety of subjects that are obligatory to learn on a Muslim Woman.

ہم نے خواتین کے لیے بھی خاص کورسز بنائے ہیں۔ ان کورسز میں وہ تمام مضامین شامل ہیں جنکا سیکھنا ہر مسلمان عورت کے لیے بے حد ضروری ہے۔